Muddy91 Commissions

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Quotes I cannot recommend this artist enough. As a continually returning commissioner, I love the personal professionalism and dedication to detail in which Muddy treats all her clients. Approachable with ideas as well as a first class imagination, she is fast in producing top quality work and always keeps you in the loop. If you have been considering commissioning her for some time I thoroughly recommend doing so! Quotes

Quotes So I've been talking off and on to Muddy about their art and commissioning a piece for a long time. I knew the idea I had and they absolutely made my vision come true. A truly professional artist from commission form to the end product. Worth every single penny Quotes
Mikeayla Reard
Super happy customer

Quotes I got the best full body picture for the cheapest price I ever paid for. For the quality you get for the price she charges, I'd definitely will be commissioning her again. I recommend her to all my friends. :) Love the artwork! Quotes
Holy Ghost
Happy Customer!

Quotes I asked for a piece depicting my character in a very specific way to display during an RP event, and the work was not only absolutely excellent...but finished quickly enough for me to have it up during much of the event! I will definitely be going to this artist again, and you should, too. Quotes
Jacob Cross
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes Great site and even better prices! I have two people I commission and one of them is the lovely and talented Muddy91. I am very selective and I have never been disappointed by her art work and the time she's spent on each piece I've asked from her. Thank you and keep up the amazing work! You'd regret not commissioning this person!! Quotes
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I was lucky to slide in to Muddy's commission list when another artist ran off on me. A better thing couldn't of happened, Muddy's art is amazing and I love the finished animated port. I felt kept up to date the whole way, and getting to watch her stream a few times was a real treat. I plan to commission her again as soon as she re-opens, consider this a glowing recommendation. Amazing art, Great Price, and a fantastic artist to work with. Quotes
Zelanze Balestra

Quotes Hardly a wait, Image is stunning- tempted to comish for another. Quotes
Kylie H
Red Howlite

Quotes Not only was my portrait done in less than a week, she managed to take a few thrown together ideas and create exactly the image I wanted. The prices are never unreasonable, and honestly would recommend you hire her for your needs. Quotes

Quotes Absolutely beautiful, well detailed, and down right stunning! I get compliments on the ports all the time and am always rather happy to refer them to Elo. Looking forward to commissioning her in the future! Quotes
Nocturnal Coyote

Quotes When I saw the picture she drew of my char, I was at lost of words. I had to think pass all walls in my mind. Only words I can find to describe such a well rounded art talent. Is Amazing, unreal, beautiful, alive and absolute! I'll recommend you to everyone I know for art! Thank you! Quotes
Darkness of Dreams
Absolute Amazed